Projects and Leads Administrator 


  • To provide quotation and project support for all Export Customers
  • To provide full commercial support internally for all Eurobond's customers
  • To effectively manage customer enquiries / quotation requests
  • To maximise the conversion rate of quotations to order
  • To proactively develop new sales opportunities from early concept stage
  • To provide project lead validation and tracking in support for the external sales team in line with KPI's
  • To manage the internal CRM system to deliver appropriate project opportunities for the Eurobond product range
  • To provide superior customer service for enquiries from contract chain/stakeholders 


  • Monthly reporting of the Registered Project Bank to the Sales and Projects Directors for all projects including UK, Ireland and export markets.  

Working Pattern


  • Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm




  • Identify projects with a potential for Eurobond products using ABI, other industry sources and technical and marketing leads and qualify all leads to be appropriate and have use for Eurobond products prior to passing on to the appropriate External Sales Person in both the UK and Ireland in line with job KPI's.
  • Agree which projects are to be added to the Registered Project Log (in conjunction with the external sales team) and record the appropriate information on the Registered Project Log master sheet.
  • Track project activity on ABI, social media, technical and marketing reports or through Key Contacts/Stakeholders and add updates to the Registered Project Log
  • Update the External Sales Person on all relevant information and /or status changes to the projects and where appropriate, direct contact
  • Work with the Sales Director and internal Sales Manager to ensure the 12 month Project Forecast review is created on a monthly basis.
  • Manage the 3 month plus pipeline in conjunction with the External Sales team to ensure all Registered Projects are converted to A rates and are accurate and contact Main Contractors where the subcontractor has not been awarded to identify what activity needs to happen to secure the project and amend the quotation on Epicor to reflect accurate information.
  • Work with the internal / external sales teams to ensure registered projects to pipeline conversion is correct in terms of project values and timings.


  • Quotation support for specific export projects where necessary
  • Provide support for the Sales Director and Projects Director with Epicor driven sales reports and documents when necessary for management and sales meetings
  • Provide quotation and administration support for export/key project enquiries for the projects director / external sales team.
  • Quotation support for the Internal Sales Team during holidays or absence
  • Pass appropriate technical enquiries to technical services team
  • The Company expects flexibility of all employees to undertake any reasonable duties required of them, in any section or department, when the need arises.

Education and experience


  • Computer literate including email, social media
  • Must have used a telephone to answer customer enquiries and follow up quotations
  • Worked within the Sales/Projects environment
  • Must have experience of dealing with External Sales teams
  • Be able to build relationships with stakeholder and decision makers on construction projects


  • Experience of dealing with Marketing and Technical for support where appropriate
  • Understanding of profit V cost
  • Knowledge of the construction Industry
  • Previously worked within manufacturing
  • Understand sales process budget/pipeline requirements of a business
  • Budget/pipeline requirements of a business
  • Knowledge of Epicor or using an alternative CRM system

If you feel you have the skills and want to join a dynamic friendly company, then please apply with your CV by completing the vacancy application below:

Closing date Friday 26th May


Vacancy application