Colorcoat Prisma®

Colorcoat Prisma® by Tata Steel demonstrates a step-change by utilising cutting edge three layer manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust, chromate free pre-finished steel product.

Revolutionary 3 layer technology, providing enhanced aesthetics and long term performance and durability.

Confidex® Guarantee for up to 40 years for the weatherside of industrial and commercial buildings with no inspection or maintenance to maintain its validity.

Enhanced aesthetics with superior colour and gloss retention.

Fully manufactured within the UK, the pre-finished steel product consists of three layers that are uniquely manufactured in one pass, on an upgraded state of the art production line.

The enhanced product is also available in exciting new colours ideal for wall applications. Providing architects with increased design choice, the Elements range provides a sparkly, pearlescent exterior for buildings, while the Matt range offers the market the increasingly popular effect.

Colorcoat Prisma® not only uniquely pushes the boundaries for UV performance but also outperforms  the highest European corrosion resistance standards. 

This makes it the ideal choice for commercial, retail,  warehouse, public sector and superior aesthetic  buildings that are truly built to last.

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Range of Colours

Colour charts or hand samples are available in all colours to assist in colour selection and finalising product specification. For a true representation of colour and effect, please obtain metal hand samples.

Order your colour chart or hand sample by completing the following form:


Colorcoat Prisma® by Tata Steel Colour Chart

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Special metallic 

Prisma Colours - Special Metallics

Solid metallics 

 Prisma Colours - Solid Colours


 Prisma Colours - Elements

Matt colours

 Prisma Colours - Matt Colours

Eurobond is a Colorcoat® Supply Chain Partner, for more infomation on the new Colorcoat Prisma® range click here.