Colorcoat Specification

To ensure the long-term performance and appearance of the building, it is important that the pre-finished steel product is specified alongside the cladding system. To secure the peace of mind that comes from a rigorously manufactured and tested product from Tata Steel, ensure Colorcoat® as well as the individual product name is specified for your cladding system e.g. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra ® by Tata Steel.

The Colorcoat® brand provides the recognised mark of quality and metal envelope expertise exclusively from Tata Steel. For nearly 50 years Tata Steel has developed a range of technically leading Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products which have been comprehensively tested and are manufactured to the highest UK and European standards. Tata Steel supply pre-finished steel to normal and special tolerances according to EN 10143:2006 to ensure that the cladding performs as designed. Colorcoat® products are supported by a range of services such as comprehensive guarantees, colour consultancy, technical support and guidance. 

Tata Steel Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products

Colorcoat, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra and Prisma are registered trademarks of Tata Steel UK Limited.

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Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

For buildings that are designed to stand the test of time Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® is the ideal choice. It is based upon a revolutionary pre-finished steel system, providing outstanding colour retention and corrosion resistance for the whole colour range, meeting the requirements of EN10169:2010 for Ruv4 and RC5. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® is guaranteed for up to 40 years upon registration with the Confidex®  guarantee with no inspection or maintenance necessary to maintain its validity. For more information regarding the Confidex® guarantee  please click here.

Confidex Sustain® is available with Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra ® when specified as part of a Colorcoat® assessed cladding system providing a CarbonNeutral® building envelope.

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Colorcoat Prisma®

Colorcoat Prisma® by Tata Steel demonstrates a step-change by utilising cutting edge three layer manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust, chromate free pre-finished steel product.

Revolutionary 3 layer technology, providing enhanced aesthetics and long term performance and durability.

Confidex® Guarantee for up to 40 years for the weatherside of industrial and commercial buildings with no inspection or maintenance to maintain its validity.

Enhanced aesthetics with superior colour and gloss retention.

Fully manufactured within the UK, the pre-finished steel product consists of three layers that are uniquely manufactured in one pass, on an upgraded state of the art production line.

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Advantica L® Control for Controlled Enviroments 

Advantica® L Control from Tata Steel provides a well-proven and extensively tested internal food safe products, ideal for cold stores, food processing, clean room, medical and data center applications.

Tata Steel have been producing Advantica® pre-finished steel for controlled environments for over 40 years. Developed to meet the most stringent requirements, Advantica® products consistently provide the highest quality of pre-finished steel surfaces to meet evolving demands. The taint-free surfaces help to maintain clean and safe environments that are cleanable and, where necessary, safe for direct food contact. Advantica® products offer excellent levels of resistance to corrosion, damage and scratching.


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