Internal Wall and Ceiling Solutions

Firemaster is our internal wall and ceiling solution.   Firemaster delivers an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, offering the performance and versatility demanded by todays passive fire protection industry. Firemaster satisfies technical requirements for compartmentation of the building interior, isolating high risk areas from others and helping, as part of a well-considered fire safety engineered design, to ensure safe means of escape in the event of a fire.

Firemaster Wall & Ceiling Panels

  • Lengths of up to 12 m
  • Easy to install interlocking joint
  • Walk on ceiling capacity to BS 6399 (subject to manufacturers guidance)
  • Polyester, foodsafe laminate, primer coated galvanised or stainless steel facings
  • Steel and Stone Wool recyclable with no appreciable loss of material


Advantica® L Control for Controlled Environments

Advantica® L Control from Tata Steel provides a well-proven and extensively tested internal food safe products, ideal for cold stores, food processing, clean room, medical and data center applications.


Tata Steel have been producing Advantica® pre-finished steel for controlled environments for over 40 years. Developed to meet the most stringent requirements, Advantica® products consistently provide the highest quality of pre-finished steel surfaces to meet evolving demands. The taint-free surfaces help to maintain clean and safe environments that are cleanable and, where necessary, safe for direct food contact. Advantica® products offer excellent levels of resistance to corrosion, damage and scratching.


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