McArdle Skeath is an integrated logistics provider for the food, pharmaceutical and dry good sectors in Ireland, the UK and Europe, specialising in transportation, refrigeration and storage.

Over the last decade the company has undergone rapid expansion of its storage facilities and has adapted to an ever-changing logistics environment by diversifying its services to meet customer requirements.

Their continuous expansion plan involved acquiring a 21-acre site in Dublin to build their new state of the art facility to diversify their portfolio to include time sensitive products with specific cold chain warehousing and packaging solutions.



Due to the wide spectrum of products being stored at the facility the building needed to be compartmentalised into various sections to allow for storage at different temperature ranges.

The separate rooms need to offer the highest level of fire protection for life and property safety that maintain a controlled environment for highly sensitive products and product testing requirements.


To meet the changing requirements of the market, the new building needed an internal fire engineered solution delivering a clean, hygienic controlled environment with a wide temperature range to suit various product types.   

 Eurobond Composite Panels - McArdle Skeath

Project details


Eurobond Firemaster Extra and Firemaster Ceiling has been specified as a total wall and ceiling solution for the compartmentation of the 6 specialised rooms including:

- Two chill rooms which manages products between +2⁰C and +8⁰C

- One syntra room which controls products between +15⁰C and +25⁰C

- One ambient room which is temperature monitored between +5⁰C and +25⁰C

- Mezzanine room which will coordinate all Value-Added operations such as product inspection

- Clean room for controlled product testing

The wall panels span between vertical columns with no intermediate fixing points. Firemaster has provided all the climate and cleanroom aspects of the room requirements, whilst also offering high levels of fire resistance in a single point specification. This enabled compartmentalisation throughout the building, to the various specialised rooms, using just one product.

Firemaster has been used to create the walls and ceilings and even innovatively used around column structures, as part of a fully fire engineered solution.

With its unique interlocking joint, Firemaster has been designed for rapid installation with no stitching or wet trades necessary and is an ideal solution where a semi flush environment is required.

The client opted for the Advantica® L Control by Tata Steel  Foodsafe laminate as the face of the Eurobond Firemaster panel. This has provided an anti-static internal surface that supports adherence to the strict hygiene standard required within a controlled environment. The surface achieves the highest level CPI category CPI5 for internal corrosion resistance to EN 10169.

Mark Soraghan, Project Manager at McArdle Skeath commented:

 "We saw an opportunity to diversify our business providing customers with flexible warehousing solutions. We needed our rooms to be safe, hygienic and able to perform in varying temperature ranges;  Eurobond Firemaster products tick all the boxes in this environment"

Eurobond Firemaster - Annotation



The temperature range of Eurobond Firemaster panels has enabled a single point specification to be used as a total internal wall and ceiling package.



Fire Resistance 

The effective compartmentation of the specialised rooms with high levels of fire resistance, reduces the risk of flame spread in the event of a fire, supporting long term business continuity.  


A controlled sterile environment has been created meeting stringent requirements for food processing and cleanroom conditions.

Mc Ardle Skeath Firemaster 9


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ClientMcArdle Skeath
Main ContractorMeegan Builders
Specialist Contractor Steel Solutions
SystemFiremaster Wall Extra, Firemaster Ceiling
ColourWhite - Advantica® L Control by Tata Steel Foodsafe laminate