Environmental Performance

Eurobond takes its responsibility to protect and enhance the environment seriously. We have made a commitment to address sustainability issues with a high regard for openness and clarity surrounding our products.  Within our scope we have addressed many elements, none more so than benchmarking the environmental impacts of our cladding products.

Working closely with our strategic partners to ensure a consistent and cohesive approach, we have developed Environmental Product Declarations for all of our steel faced composite panel products using ISO 14040-3 methodology. These provide, in useable numeric form, clear statements of the environmental impact of our cladding products.

Eurobond insulated cladding panels are 100% recyclable. We advocate a 'Cradle to Cradle' approach to recycling where materials are perpetually recycled in closed loops.  Maintaining materials in closed loops maximizes material value - they're used, recycled, and used again without losing any material quality. For stone wool composite panels, this is a win-win situation. There is no costly disposal or need for landfill and a drive for the preservation of natural resources.

A joint collaboration between Eurobond, Rockwool and Tata Steel has demonstrated that there is a successful, commercially viable recycling process for stone wool composite panels. After processing, 100% of the separated stone wool and steel is re-entered into the manufacturing process to make virgin product - the Eurobond concept of RECYCLING.

The closed loop recycling ensures that all Eurobond input materials have a high recycled content as we purchase materials from the same sources at which we recycle. Using products with a high recycled content is a powerful way of making a contribution to sustainable development by diverting materials from landfill and preserving natural resources.

Eurobond composite panels 'Tick all the Right Boxes' and satisfy the most stringent sustainable procurement policies:

  • Total recycling of steel and stonewool
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • High recycled content
  • Full life cycle assesment
  • Zero ODP & GWP; non-VOC
  • No compromise

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