LPCB approved composite panels

Our stone wool composite panels offer protection in relation to 'fire resistance' rather than just 'reaction to fire'.  All Eurobond insulated composite wall panels resist the transfer of heat from the exposed to unexposed face and retain their integrity. Fire performance should be judged on both fire resistance and reaction to fire. Eurobond's fire resistant panels have been tested/assessed to BS 476 Part 22, for fire resistance and independently approved for reaction to fire by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS1181 and LPS1208 and by FM Global Standard 4880 for panels with non-combustible cores.

The LPS1181 test is a determination of the fire growth performance of the cladding products with grades of performance described as EXT-A and EXT-B for the external envelope (LPS 1181 Part 1) and INT-1, INT-2 and INT-3 for internal applications (LPS 1181 Part 2). It is important to note that EXT-A and INT-1 are the highest performing products.  To achieve LPS 1181 Grade EXT-A status, a system must satisfy the requirements for both reaction to fire and additionally the requirements of LPS 1208 which introduces the concept of fire resistance, related to the fully developed or post-flashover stage of a fire.

LPS 1208 defines the fire resistance performance for elements of construction used to provide compartmentation, which for insurance purposes includes the protected zone, 1000mm either side of the compartment wall or roof. This additional fire resistance requirement is vital for preventing fire spread via combustible products contained within the roof construction across compartment wall divisions.

Therefore, when identifying cladding systems that offer fire resistance, specifiers must look for LPS 1181 Grade EXT-A.

All available Eurobond external wall panels are approved to Grade EXT-A and achieve this without the use any additional coverstrip flashings, stitching of the joints or intumescent seals. With regard to internal classification, Eurobond outperforms many of the competition with fire excellent performance levels.

It should be noted that many panel systems approved by LPCB to LPS 1181 offer no fire resistance. Even composite panels approved to LPS 1181 Grade EXT-A often only achieve 15 minutes fire resistance in terms of insulation. By comparison, 125mm thick Eurobond composite panels, required to meet the 0.35 U value, achieve LPS 1181 Grade EXT-A and also give 90 minutes fire resistance (insulation and integrity).