Eurobond NRG panels light the way for energy savings

13th February, 2014

Low environmental impact is an essential part of Eurobond Laminates' ongoing success and the launch of the innovative NRG wall panel option is the latest demonstration of its brand promise of sustainability and energy savings.

The new NRG solution is available on the Europanel, Rockspan, Rainspan and Firemaster panel ranges  and it utilizes a special high reflectivity internal steel face that maximises daylight and reducing the requirement for artificial lighting. The result is lower energy bills for the life of the building, a reduction in the CO₂ footprint and a positive contribution to material credits in a BREEAM assessment.

The NRG panels are available in a wide range of external finishes that combine aesthetics, functionality and performance. NRG panels are ideal for industrial buildings, logistics centres, retail and warehouses and other buildings that need good levels of lighting.

The internal liner of a NRG panel is Colorcoat® High Reflect - an innovative material designed with maximum reflectivity to reduce energy requirements, associated operational costs and CO₂ emissions. NRG is a passive energy saving product, maintenance free and the benefits are expected to last the life of the building in normal and unpolluted environments.

The new NRG panel option offers:

  • 85% reflectance, reducing the amount of energy required to achieve the same level of lighting.
  • Significantly reduces CO₂ emissions helping to achieve compliance with tightening regulations.
  • Can improve daylight factor by 10%.
  • Energy savings of over 8% per annum *

All NRG panel systems deliver a fast track construction and the architectural excellence demanded from modern building envelopes. The long span capability can reduce secondary steelwork requirements and build costs. The high level of  airtightness improves the overall energy efficiency of a building.

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* Based on 4000m² building, daytime operation [Payback for 24 hour operation is ≤ 1.5 years] Based on SBEM Calculation under NCM conditions for Part L compliance. High Reflect  used for wall and ceiling.