The new face of retail - Rainspan

21st June, 2013

Yardley, Birmingham is currently undergoing a large scale redevelopment project and central to this is the new Tesco Extra store that has been built on the site of the former Swan shopping centre. The area has, over time, fallen into various states of disrepair with the shops either abandoned or boarded up and the new Tesco store has brought a fresh new look to the site, with a modern 'patchwork' façade backed up by the proven performance of Rainspan™ support panels. This isn't the end of Eurobond's involvement in the project with Rockspan™ creating the rest of the building envelope and Firemaster™ internal panel systems used to sub-divide the internal space.

Rainspan™& Rockspan™ are the ideal external envelope solution for retail projects, Rainspan™ provides a structural support system for a wide range of architectural facades and is supplied as a complete system in conjunction with our facade partners. Rainspan™ can also remove the façade installation from the critical path, quickly creating a weathertight building envelope to help keep even the shortest build schedules on track.

From both and environmental and fire performance perspective all Eurobond panel systems excel through the combination of non-combustible core insulation, recyclability and high recycled content.

The Rockspan™ through-fix joint detail ensures simple installation and with fire performance of up to 4 hours integrity and insulation combined with the ability to span up to 7.5 m between portal frame stanchions this panel system reduces the need for and cost of secondary steelwork, while offering extremely high levels of both life and property safety in the event of fire.